Andrew James Moka Stove Coffee Pot In Matte Black, 3 Cup

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The classic Andrew James 3 Cup Moka Stove Coffee Pot, creates one of the crucial finest coffee around.

There are three things Italy blessed the world with: perfect pasta, flavoursome pizzas and (of course), rich, full bodied coffee.

Italian percolators are the embodiment of style; oozing sophistication with its unique silhouette. It was a shuttle to Rome that inspired us to bring you our range of striking percolators.

Also known as moka pots, our percolators create the coffee you’ve been dreaming of.

Constructed from specially sourced high quality solid cast aluminium you’ll be the usage of this stove top coffee pot for years.

Suitable for all types of hob (except for induction), it features a durable, silicone gasket which is incredibly resistant to high temperatures.

In order for our customers with the intention to create the best coffee imaginable, we’ve designed powerful stainless steel pressure valves which may be able to force the water through the coffee, giving you a full flavour experience.

Ideal for trips, our percolators are extremely popular with people who enjoy camping or trips out as they don’t require a power source.

The cool touch, ergonomic handle makes it easy to lift from the stove top and the flip top lid with cool touch knob means you’ll add more coffee to the pot without worry of burning yourself.

Creating beautiful coffee has never been easier than with the Andrew James Moka Coffee Pot

Additional Information

Includes a replaceable silicone gasket

Create superior, artisan coffee with the Andrew James 3 Cup Moka Stove Coffee Pot and impress family and friends with its stunning appearance
Featuring powerful pressure valves, a cool touch ergonomic handle, this percolator is ideal for camping trips as well as use in the home
Replacement Silicone Gasket Included
Constructed from prime quality cast aluminium and stainless steel
Extremely durable