Coffee Vault Premium Coffee Canister Airtight – Large Stainless Steel Coffee Container by Zurich for 500g Coffee Storage with Measure Scoop. Roasted Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee Freshness Protected. Price: £19.97 (as of 21/08/2019 12:48 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

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You wake up on a Sunday morning and switch on your favorite coffee making device.

For you, it’s never been about caffeine, its about a sensory explosion of dark magic.

Normal people just don’t understand.

You carefully roast your own beans, you create the perfect grind, you attend to every exquisite detail of extraction. You take your first sip and ….“meh.. It was great last week? ”

No more fellow coffee lover – we have the solution.  

Introducing Coffeevault by Zurich.

As a coffee loving company we understand just how much difference there is between “bizarre coffee” and a stunning, graceful, strong but not bitter cup of Joe.

Don’t spend good money on great coffee and then flush it down the sink by not protecting your beans and fresh grinds. Start the usage of Coffeevault by Zurich today and taste the difference in just 14 days.

  • Air tight and lightproof BPA free canisters that protects your premium coffee.
  • Moisture proof even in a humid kitchen .
  • No more containers in the fridge (this if truth be told harms fresh coffee).

Get the name of the game to better coffee today!

 We know you love the science of coffee so read on.

CO2 is naturally released from freshly roasted coffee and the Coffeevault special valve allows this “de gas” (CO2) to escape automatically – without allowing in damaging oxygen and water vapour (Our valve is so clever it even works with “second crack” dark roasts). And the valve never needs replacing. Clever right!

So for a small investment you’ll be able to literally protect thousands of dollars of coffee.

Now comes with a bonus accurate scoop, easy clamp prime quality seal and quick flip lid.

Start enjoying better coffee today. We guarantee it. 

LOVE FRESH COFFEE? Keep it protected cup after cup! Protected the taste hold time still and Protected your delicate coffee from damage with this coffee bean container.
VAULT DESIGNED FOR COFFEE STORAGE Locks out light oxygen and moisture with one-way valve providing sealed container protection at the same time as allowing CO2 to vent.
NO MORE SPILT COFFEE GROUNDS Throw out those fiddly coffee packets. Invest in a Coffee Storage Container to use time after time with Spoon for Exact Coffee Measure
COFFEE ALWAYS IN DATE The date wheel on the lid allows you to keep track of your coffee’s roasted or expiry date. Store 500g of roasted coffee beans or 600g freshly ground coffee
BUY 2 PROMOTION Get your second canister to keep coffee beans, ground coffee or decaf coffee. 10% OFF TOTAL PURCHASE. See Discount Code Below. Stay fresher for longer