Coffee Filter, VickMall 304 Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Filter for 1-4 Cups with Free Coffee Spoon and Cup Cleaner Brush

Product Features

  • STAINLESS STEEL: The material is 304 stainless steel, ECO-FRIENDLY materials. STABLE, durable and reusable features, which you can say Bye-bye to paper and plastic filters. It's safe and more at ease.
  • NICE COFFEE: The fine mesh will help you filter larger coffee particles, and NOT MIXING OTHER TASTE. RESISTANT HIGH HEAT feature is can prevent from deformation when it meets boiling water.
  • FAST BREWING: Our cone coffee dripper can help you get a hot coffee rapidly. It can save time, energy and moneys for you. Keep your coffee much hotter much longer. 1-4 CUPS, you can brew a cup of tea for yourself, or you can get more coffee when you have guests. It will help you deal with it.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The new version is easier to operate and clean, we also give an extra gift to you, a CLEANER BRUSH, this is more convenient to wash, do not ignore Subtle places.
  • BONUS: Accessories are included a CLEANER BRUSH and a coffee SPOON with built-in bag clip, which you can clip the food or coffee bag. Coffee Filter is more reasonable and convenient.

Product Description

The new design 304 stainless steel coffee filter is the best choice for coffee fans, with bonuses for you. It is fantastic value for money and reusable and does not need paper filters; i

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