Brandywine Coffee Roasters – Cumbres de Poas Coffee Review (2018)

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Today’s review is another delicious single-origin coffee that arrived courtesy of my Mistobox subscription. It’s Brandywine Coffee Roaster’s Dona Francisca & Oscar Chacon Cumbres de Poás Red Honey.

There’s a lot to uncover in that lengthy name, so let’s break it down:

Dona Francisca and Oscar Chacon grew and processed the coffeeCumbres de Poás roughly translates to “The Summit of Poás” (Poás likely refers to the Costa Rican volcano of the same name)”Red Honey” refers to the red honey process that was used to produce this coffee

As you can probably guess from the cumbres de Poas part of the name, this coffee comes from Costa Rica, specifically the Central Valley region, where it was grown at 1500 masl.

And guess what? The Cumbres de Poas is one of my candidates for 2018’s best coffee.

Let’s take a closer look.

General Notes & Observations

Roast: Light
Producers: Dona Francisca & Oscar Chacon
Country of Origin: Costa Rica
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