Coffee – 5 Ways!

Brewing Coffee

Coffee can be brewed using five key methods.

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Each method of brewing is different – introduction of water, brewing temperature, and separating the brewed liquor from the coffee grounds. These five processes are known as focus brewing Turkish brewing, percolating, drip brewing, along with French Press brewing.

“Turkish” or “Greek” Coffee

Turkish coffee or kahve is that the traditional name is made in tiny containers right on the flame with water and finely ground kahve comes to a boil. Quite often it’s washed up using sugar released. In certain traditions they will pour off a bit to each cup and bring it pouring the rest off into every cup. In some areas they serve spice which is generally cardamom to the kahve.

The coffee isn’t filtered out of the spirits that leaves a thick brew that was pungent and muddy. The mud settles to the bottom of the very small cups the coffee is served in. In many countries they browse the coffee mud when you tell you your future and have drank your coffee.

Concentrate brewing

Concentrate brewing is quite common in Latin America and other areas of the world. It is starting to make a come back in Europe. Brewing takes considerable amounts of coffee that is brewed with small amounts of water to brew a concentration. So, to make a cup of coffee you mix water that is hot and a number of the focus. The focus is brewed warm or cold. When it is brewed cold you have to let the coffee sit for at least a day. This procedure produces a tiny acidity using a flavour and a mild light-bodied coffee with little odour.


This process involves a constant brewing of the coffee grounds using boiling water which subsequently turns to boiling coffee liquor brewing above the grounds. This method is practical but is a insult to the coffee bean. Brewing with boiling water is terrible enough, then boiling the spirits is requesting for a coffee that is slim, bitter and tarry.

Although this creates a dreadful cup of coffee many people still prefer percolation. If its for you more power to you!

Auto drip

That is the most popular way to brew coffee in Europe. Pouring warm water over grounds in a filter and also allowing the brew drip out the bottom, easy. If the proper equipment is utilised brewing can create an excellent cup of coffee. One of the problems with automobile drip machines is they do not brew at the ideal temperature.

Morphy Richards is one of the very few companies which calibrate their machinery to the proper temperature.

When you’ve got a auto drip brewing machine that is fantastic then the next hurdle to undertake is your filter. Paper filters likewise don’t allow a lot of substances and the coffee oils through and can deposit a taste in the coffee. A reusable filter is the perfect option for drip brewing. It will not deposit a flavour at the coffee and doesn’t trap up to the coffee’s essence as paper filters do.

French Press or Press Pot

French Press brewing gives you complete control. It’s more labor intensive than car drip. Ground coffee is placed in a glass carafe. The warm water is poured on the grounds. The surface is put on, when the brewing is complete along with is pressed down forcing the grounds to the bottom. The coffee liquor is on top. The mesh filter allows coffee particles and the oils through without a problem.

Additionally if a coarser grind is needed, a longer brewing time is required. A general guideline is four minutes to get a French press. This direct contact of the reasons to water allows a comprehensive, controllable, and sometimes even extraction. However a grind will create some fine, with the rough grind particles. Creating a flavourful cup of coffee. It will also have sediment around the base of the cup.