Klatch Coffee – Original Christmas Coffee Review (2018)

Sourced from: http://www.thecoffeeconcierge.net/klatch-coffee-original-christmas/

I visited Klatch Coffee in Redondo Beach, CA not too long ago, but ironically didn’t buy any coffee. At the time, my wife and our friend wanted a pick-me-up, but I decided to forego coffee that afternoon.

That was probably a mistake.

Klatch has made a pretty big name for itself in Specialty Coffee, with accolades like micro-roaster of the year (Roast Magazine) and the World’s Best Espresso back in 2007 at the World Barista Championship in Japan.

At the time of my visit, one of the baristas was passionately pitching me on a Panamanian Geisha he claimed was “ferment processed” (did he mean natural?) and a winner in the recent WBC. 

The cost?

$18 a cup…

I opted out and carried on with my day. I tried my wife’s coffee, it was indeed, delicious.

When I returned to San Francisco I had an impending delivery from Mistobox. And waddaya know…it was coming from Klatch Coffee.

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