Staresso Manual Coffee Maker Machines with Espresso Cappuccino Quick Cold Brew All in One Travel-SP-200 (Black,SP-100)

Product Features

  • Small but Strong: Similar size as a mug but providing good coffee anywhere. With 15~20 bar pressure, it produce coffee and espresso which has rich flavor, lower acidity or bitterness
  • Simple & easy for using and cleaning
  • Play Staresso like a DSLR: Adjustable tastes by controling ground coffee, water,operation power and speed. You will enjoy to play with Staresso for refine espresso,milk foam, quick cold brew, and French plus...
  • The only one coffee maker with quick cold brew function

Product Description


Working pressure: 15~20bar
Ground coffee capacity: 0.35oz (10g)
Water capacity: 3oz (80ml)
4 functions in one small machine: Espresso, Milk foam (cappuccino

Customer Reviews

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