1kg Decaf Coffee – 100% Arabica – Chemical Free Sparkling Water Decaffeinated – Freshly Roasted Whole Bean Coffee Beans – Espresso Roast – Roasted in Yorkshire

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How we remove the caffeine from our coffee

1. The green coffee beans are soaked/cleaned in water, as the beans expand the pores open up and the caffeine becomes mobile.

2. Pressured Carbon Dioxide is introduced, this combined with the present water creates sparkling water. The CO2 acts like a magnet to the caffeine molecules, extracting it from the beans.

3. The water is then drained into an evaporator which precipitates the caffeine rich carbon dioxide out of the water.

4. This cycle is repeated until the caffeine level is low enough to be classified as decaf.

5. The decaffeinated coffee is then gently dried until it reaches its original moisture content and is then ready for roasting.

A gift for coffee lovers

Treat a decaf drinking friend to the ultimate taste sensation. Our 1kg bags are packed full of whole roasted coffee beans, sourced directly from the farm where they were grown. The chocolate and caramel sweetness is worlds with the exception of bland decaf alternatives that they have got probably in the past settled for. It’s time for them to wake up and smell their new favourite coffee!

BUY NOW and enjoy a healthier and cleaner decaf coffee which has been produced for you with love, from the team at Rounton Coffee

A CLEAN DECAF COFFEE BEAN – a bold coffee despite the lack of caffeine, with notes of chocolate and caramel sweetness. It makes an ideal espresso coffee for lovers of single origin coffee which will also be enjoyed at any time of the day or night
100% CHEMICAL FREE COFFEE – we carry out the decaffeinating process in a 100% clean and more eco-friendly way than other decaf coffee available in the marketplace, we do not rush the process, nor do we add any chemicals. Ensuring you receive clean and aromatic decaf coffee beans
HOW DO WE MAKE OUR DECAF COFFEE? – the decaffeinated coffee that we roast has all been removed the usage of the CO2 method. We pay a slight premium for this service, but that is a choice that we have made, and we are proud to be in a position in an effort to do so
SPARKLING WATER DECAF PROCESS – all of our green beans are soaked and cleaned then pressurised carbon dioxide is introduced to create sparkling water. Any caffeine rich CO2 is evaporated, we repeat this process to bring you our popular decaf coffee, scroll down for a more thorough description of the process
ETHICALLY SOURCED COFFEE – as a micro roaster, we at Rounton Coffee can have enough money to be that little bit more selective when sourcing our coffee. We pay a premium for our coffees as we need to ensure a sustainable supply chain that rewards the farmers for the quality that they produce.