9th Degree – Grade 1 Specialty Coffee Beans 1kg – Medium Roasted Whole Coffee Beans – 100% Arabica

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We’ve been serving smooth, non acidic and beautifully balanced coffee coffee for nearly 10 years. Our most popular beans are now available to the UK market and will double your

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We’ve been serving smooth, non acidic and beautifully balanced coffee coffee for nearly 10 years. Our most popular beans are now available to the UK market and will double your satisfaction and thirst for quality coffee at a great price. We’re also on a mission to improve your coffee skills and access to quality beans. The other part of our business has been the training of Baristas through the Dublin barista school, Europes premier barista training institute. We help baristas and home brewers alike develop and refine their skills. That knowledge, which we plan on making available to all our customers will help you become the master of your morning cup. Whether you prefer a filter coffee, espresso coffee, cold brew or any other method – Knowing the grind size, water to coffee ratios and extraction times are crucial to creating a good cup. With our guidance you’ll be able to master all of these techniques. Our beans are roasted in a Probat, using fine guidance roasting analysis to track the roasting of the bean to ensure the best quality end product every time. Never burnt, or overly acidic, our coffee holds a delicate balance between flavor and intensity without over stepping its medium roast profile. An Italian style coffee, your new beans will please even the most discerning of coffee drinkers.
RELISH YOUR RITUAL – Unwind with your wonderfully balanced cup of fresh roasted coffee beans. Like your coffee smooth and aromatic? then prepare to enjoy a delicious blend of carefully selected craft coffee beans which will both recharge and revitalize.
BREW LIKE A BARISTA – Never acidic and full of flavor, our beans will ensure you pour the perfect cup every time. This is a truly multipurpose, perfect for Aeropress coffee, Cafetiere / French Press, Pour over coffee or making iced coffee and cold brew like a pro. If you need a multipurpose Espresso Coffee bean, this is an ideal choice.
ARTISAN ROASTED – Freshly roasted in small batches, your 100% Arabica coffee beans are produced using live feedback technology to ensure a wonderfully consistent result every time which is never over roasted. Your cup will have balanced acidity and a subtle fruity aroma. A Nutty Chocolate and caramel aftertaste delivers a world of deeply satisfying flavors while staying soft, mellow and refreshing.
ETHICALLY SOURCED – Our green beans come from a single origin co-op with generations of Brazilian farmers who are skilled at carefully nurturing some of the worlds best coffee beans. Whether you brew with a bean to cup machine. or enjoy a flavor filled espresso coffee, your fresh roasted whole coffee beans won’t disappoint with the range of flavors experienced. Although not Organic coffee beans, our farmers follow natural biodynamic practices of farming.
PURE AND FREE FROM TOXINS – A large bean size gives this coffee a softer flavor and subtle fruity notes. Being SSFC artisan coffee beans, they’re free from hard flavor taints, mold mycotoxin residue and other unsavory moldy characteristics often found in other naturally processed coffees. This makes our beans Bulletproof coffee friendly, for a more complex butter coffee cup.

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