Capacity Nootropic Infused Coffee with Ashwagandha and CoQ10 – 100% Brazilian Arabica Coffee Promotes Cognitive Function and Mood Enhancement for Greater Focus and Performance (150g) 30 Servings Price: £23.99 (as of 16/10/2019 21:55 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

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This is a no-brainer

Treat yourself to a coffee that not only awakens your body but also awakens your mind. Capacity Nootropic Coffee, infused with powerful herbal adaptogens and superfoods, gives you the jolt you need to perform physically and mentally like a well-oiled machine. We start with the finest 100% Brazilian Arabica Coffee, and then we enhance it with brain boosting ingredients like Ashwagandha and Coenzyme-10. These potent herbs promote improved mental function and mood stabilization to help you tackle any complex or stressful situation that comes your way.

The delicious way to optimize your life and be more productive

There are 2250mg of nutrients added to every cup of Capacity Coffee, all selected for their brain-boosting abilities. These include calming Omega-3 Fish oils, Grape Seed, Chaga extract and N-Acetyl-L Tyrosine. They form an exceptional adaptogenic blend that lets you take whatever comes your way, react logically and thoughtfully to it, and then respond with clarity and confidence. You’ll impress colleagues and superiors with your revitalized intellect and skills under pressure.

Taste the good life

Start each day with the invigorating taste of the best coffee on the planet, with the benefits of a brain boosting supplement that your friends, family and co-workers are missing-out on. Once you discover the flavourful and revitalizing benefits of Capacity Nootropic Instant Coffee, you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without it.

Take your coffee-drinking experience to the next level. Add our brain-boosting Capacity Nootropic Coffee to your basket today.

AWAKEN YOUR BRAIN and perform to your utmost ability when you start your day with an invigorating cup of Capacity Nootropic Coffee by Supercoffees. Formulated with scientifically backed ingredients that enhance mental function and mood, Capacity Coffee boosts your brain performance while relieving stress and fatigue.
100% ARABICA COFFEE from Brazil is safe, natural and easy to make. Simply add a teaspoon to boiling water, allow to cool briefly, stir and enjoy. You’ll enjoy all the same antioxidant properties of regular coffee, supercharged with potent herbal extracts that promote focus and concentration, boost creativity, and relieve stress and anxiety.
GET MORE DONE in your first hour than most people do all day. Capacity Nootropic Coffee helps to improve your mind’s ability to focus, concentrate and organize thoughts and actions. This newfound mental clarity and stamina help you outperform competitors, persuade superiors with your prowess, and battle through the daily grind with energy to spare.
13 POTENT INGREDIENTS include Ashwagandha, Royal Jelly, CoQ10, Omega-3, Grape Seed extract, Chaga extract, Maitake extract, Bacopa Monnieri, Alpha GPC, Lemon Balm, Blueberry extract and N-Acetyl-L Tyrosine. This power-packed herbal blend adds 2250mg of nutrients to every delicious serving of our ground Arabica coffee drink. BEWARE OF CHEAP ALTERNATIVES that do not list dosages of active ingredients.
CONTAINS POWERFUL ADAPTOGENS and superfoods that help your body resist an array of physical, chemical and biological stressors. This calming affect gives you the capacity to perform in high-stress situations such as job interviews, work presentations and emergency situations, without succumbing to brain fatigue or performance anxiety.