Compostable Nespresso® Compatible Premium Coffee Capsules | Single Origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, 100% Strictly High Grown Arabica Coffee | 40 Biodegradable Coffee Pods

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Welcome to the Blue Goose…a new breed of coffee capsule

Performing just like any ‘Original Line’ Nespresso capsule, place our plastic-free, compostable coffee capsules & lid into your council food waste bin and they’ll be compost within 12 weeks, unlike Aluminium & plastic coffee capsules that take 200-500 years to degrade in landfill (according to Nespresso, just 21% of theirs are recycled so in 2016 that means approximately 268 million were thrown into landfill or burnt for energy!).

That’s an incredible legacy per cup, so follow the Blue Goose to enjoy the welcome lift that comes from drinking delicious coffee while playing your part for our planet.

Coffee with a conscience

Nick and I wanted to match our eco-credentials with the finest capsule coffee experience. So we naturally selected Speciality grade Arabica coffee, for which we pay our smallholder farming cooperatives and growers a premium beyond the Fairtrade Minimum Price.

Not only does this greater income help our growers build their livelihoods so their families and local communities can thrive into the future, but their amazing speciality coffee allows us all to appreciate just how good capsule coffee should taste, with no aluminium or plastic capsule in sight!

Sip by sip, you are also helping us support water and wildlife projects in our origins.

Our packaging

Our eco coffee capsules are manufactured using renewable energy and all our recyclable packaging is printed using vegetable inks and made from sustainably-sourced cardboard.

Your order & support

Each order includes 40 oxygen-tight compostable & biodegradable coffee pods so will sit nicely in your preferred capsule holder, staying fresh thanks to their 12-month shelf-life. As a small business, we really value you, our customers, so always respond personally.

We hope you enjoy each and every cup!

Lex & Nick, Blue Goose Founders

COMPOSTABLE & BIODEGRADABLE COFFEE PODS: If you loved our previous eco capsule range The Foodies Larder, you’ll love Blue Goose Coffee capsules. Compatible with Nespresso original domestic drop-through coffee machines (excl. Expert) and turning to compost in 6-12 weeks via your council food waste collection.
‘BEST BUY’ RATED TASTE EXPERIENCE: From coffee to capsule, our new Blue Goose single-origin speciality coffees takes us even closer to our aim of proving just how good capsule coffee *should* taste. Don’t take our word for it though as our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe’s bright, sweet aromatics with blackcurrant and subtle jasmine flavours earned it a ‘Best Buy’ award by the UK’s top consumer magazine in May 2019.
SINGLE-ORIGIN SPECIALITY ARABICA COFFEE PODS: Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, with the terroir of the famous coffee region of Yrgacheffe particularly famous for its floral notes of jasmine, so a true Yirgacheffe is a real treat to savour. Our speciality-graded Arabica coffee is sourced from the village of Yirgacheffe itself, grown as ‘garden coffee’ in small lots at an altitude of between 1700-1900 meters.
CAPSULE PERFORMANCE: Our new capsules made from wood bark perform even better than Aluminium-compatible pods (non-Nespresso) that are now commonplace, with no water leakage before the coffee begins to extract. Our oxygen-sealed leads also means our wonderful coffees will stay fresh for 12 months, but you’ll definitely not wait that long to drink them all up!
GROWER PREMIUMS, CHARITY DONATIONS & 10% MORE COFFEE: Farmed in harmony with the environment, the premium we pay our Ethiopian growers for their highest quality beans allows them to invest in their livelihoods, families and communities. Each time you enjoy a mug of Blue Goose Coffee you will also be helping us support water and wildlife projects in our origins, especially Ethiopia. Wait there’s more…yep, each of our pods also contain 5.5g of premium coffee compared to the 5g found in a standard