Hemp Coffee – Organic , Vegan and Gluten Free – 250 g (Ceylon Cinnamon)

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SUM Ceylon Cinnamon Hemp Coffee is a ground mixture of organic fair trade medium roasted 100% arabica coffee and organic hemp seeds in a ratio of about 70/30. Organic hemp seed gives coffee a typically unmistakable nutty flavor and ordinary lightness. Ceylon cinnamon enhances the flavor and aroma with light spicy notes.

Organic roasted fair trade coffee 100% Arabica (67%)
Organic coarse ground hemp seed powder (30%)
Organic Ceylon cinnamon (3%)

Coffee is a crop that is without doubt one of the most treated with chemicals (pesticides). Therefore, it is truly worth buying organic quality grown through organic farming. Our coffee is grown on eco-plantations in Mexico, so you’ll be able to be sure that you do not reinforce trade of chemicals or even the processing or use of any non-organic methods and resources, even as Bio means respecting the local ecosystem.
Arabica is the highest quality and at the same time the most expensive variety of coffee because the taste and aroma is regarded as the best. In our mixture, we use only 100% Arabica.

Ceylon cinnamon (resp. Cinnamon “Ceylon” Cinnamomum verum L.) has a quite sweet quite spicy flavor and a light brown color. It contains much less coumarin than normal and cheaper Chinese cinnamon “cassia”, which has a rougher, more spicy flavor and darker color. Organic Ceylon cinnamon is certified organically grown.

SUM Ceylon Cinnamon Hemp Coffee has a lower caffeine content and is much lighter than conventional dark roasted coffee as a result of the fact that about 30% of the mixture consists of roasted hemp seed, therefore the roasted coffee component is less, leaving you with a lighter feeling in your stomach after finishing your drink.

Nevertheless, SUM Ceylon Cinnamon Hemp Coffee’s unmistakable aroma and taste mean that after a few cups you’ll be able to fall in love with it and never want to give it up.
Organic / Bio Fair Trade 100% Arabica Ground Coffee, Organic Hemp Seed Powder & Organic Ceylon Cinnamon
Suitable for Vegans & Gluten Free
A Mild, Light Coffee (lighter than standard coffee as a result of it being part hemp seed powder).