Lean Caffeine Bulletproof Coffee Ground Grounded Coffee 908g | Pesticide & Mycotoxin Free Upgraded Coffee Beans Ground

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I’ve been where you are now. We both know how hard it can be to lose weight, get healthy and regain your mojo. The trouble is there is so much

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I’ve been where you are now. We both know how hard it can be to lose weight, get healthy and regain your mojo. The trouble is there is so much misinformation out there around health and weight loss. I don’t blame you if you are confused, fed up and things haven’t quite worked out how you expected them to. It’s not your fault. I want you to know that there is a safer, easier, and more effective way for you to reach your weight loss and health goals. Simply replace your breakfast with a tasty Lean Caffeine Bulletproof Optimised Coffee (Coffee + Grass-fed Organic Ghee + MCT Oil + up to 10g Protein + up to 3g Low GI Carbs). This morning beverage will leave you in a fasted state, with all the added weight loss and health benefits. Your hunger will stay satiated whilst your body stays in super fat burning mode. Lean Caffeine Old School Espresso beans are a 100% Arabica single estate Rainforest Alliance micro lot coffee from Nicaragua chosen for their bold yet smooth taste (think Lindt dark chocolate with a splash of vanilla). The beans produce a thick and tasty crema and are independently lab tested to ensure your enjoyment free of performance robbing mycotoxins. Being self-confessed coffee snobs (we like the term artisans!) – We roast our beans in small batches right here in the UK. This ensures the coffee arrives at your home in pristine condition with 100% of the flavour intact. To hold your hand every step of the way, and make things super easy, we also provide you with a free accompanying guide (download from our website). The guide has several different Coffee recipes for you to try (so you don’t get bored), a simple scientifically proven eating plan that is restaurant/life friendly, a scientifically proven exercise plan that takes less than 20 minutes twice a week, and a wellbeing plan to help you manage your day to day stresses. If you have already tried Bulletproof, Good Life and 360° rundum ehrlich coffees try ours now absolutely risk free!
The ONLY Bulletproof Optimised / Upgraded Coffee Beans Lab Tested for BOTH Pesticides + Mycotoxins – Results on the label – Super Clean Coffee!
Dark Fresh Roast Coffee Beans – UK Small Batch Coffee – Freshness is Guaranteed!
Free Accompanying Guide with Recipes, Exercise Plan and Eating Plan – Download from our website
Gourmet / Speciality Coffee Beans: Dark Chocolate & Vanilla Taste – Super Bold yet very Smooth!
Blend with Grass Fed Organic Ghee + High C8 MCT Oil as the Perfect Keto / Ketogenic / Bulletproof Coffee breakfast replacement