Roastworks Colombia La Esperanza Premium Roast and Ground Coffee 200 g

About The Producer

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About The Producer

Granja La Esperanza is a group of six farms in El Valle del Cauca and Cundinamarca owned by the Herrera Family. The farms have a huge variety of different cultivars, this coffee being 100% Caturra. The Herrera family have been farming coffee for over 90 years, but in recent years have invested heavily in new technology and research to produce some of the best coffees in the world. In fact in 2012 three of their coffees were ranked in the SCAA “ten best coffees of the year”.

Cupping Notes

The dry grounds are full of notes of butter and caramel with a herbal quality. In the cup you’ll notice a pronounced sweet lemon acidity which is quickly followed by a soft cocoa-like body which lingers on the tongue. We also picked up a plum tart flavour when brewed as a V60.

About Roastworks

Roastworks are a small family run company based in Devon, who strive to bring the finest quality fresh coffee to the wider market. They do this by personally sourcing the best beans from farms and producers around the world, and reward them by paying a fair price whilst building a sustainable and long-term relationship with them. They then freshly roast in small batches, with one simple aim; to highlight the intrinsic qualities of each bean and to not taint the coffee in any way. To do this they use some of the best roasting machines in the industry as well as some very clever data gathering gizmos to make sure we know exactly what’s going on inside the roasting drum so we can accurately repeat the perfect roast.
100% arabica coffee – fully washed and sun dried on raised beds
Single origin ground coffee – suitable for use in all coffee makers
Freshly roasted daily – guarantees fresh, full flavour coffee
Notes of butter and caramel with a herbal quality
Grown in colombia – altitude: 1700-1900 masl – roasted in devon