Spiller & Tait Pure Colombian Huila – Coffee Beans 1kg Bag – Top Speciality Coffee Roasted in the UK – Gourmet Beans for Great Tasting Coffee at Home – Premium Quality Arabica Beans

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Spiller & Tait founders, Simon Spiller and David Tait, have spent many years running businesses which roast, wholesale and serve coffee and are one of the coffee innovators who have shaped a renaissance in the High Street coffee experience in the UK.

Now, their shared experience has allowed them to create premium quality coffee so that you can enjoy at home. They source only the finest beans from around the world and craft original blends in their own micro-roaster in South West England to help customers create great tasting coffee at home.

This Pure Colombian Huila offers the best of Colombian coffee and is suitable for a range of coffee brewing equipment including: cafetiere, filter, percolators, Aeropress, siphons and most automated machines.

Colombian coffees have a tendency to be moderate, with good balance, chocolate tones, some ripe stone fruit, and to be some of the most fragrant. These beans from the Huila region are all of those without the acidity and bitterness frequently associated with Colombian coffees.

Huila is located in the south eastern a part of Colombia. This region is characterized by its fertile valleys and snow-capped volcanoes that for millions of years have enriched its soils with volcanic ashes. Huila’s coffee, the result of the work of more than 70 thousand coffee growing families, is known for having an exquisite and consistent, balanced taste and aroma. This creates a cup that is richer, with more body and smoothness than a other Colombian coffee tends to offer.

We recommend 7 – 10 grams (1 to 2 heaped dessertspoons) per cup of coffee, adjust according to taste. Allow heated water to come off the boil before brewing for 2 to 4 minutes. Serve the coffee immediately once brewed, ideally in a warm cup.

Store the beans in an air-tight container and keep in a cool, dry, location. Consume within 3 weeks for maximum enjoyment.

SMOOTH FLAVOUR – these beans offer a balanced flavour with full juicy body, medium sweetness during and subtle tastes of blackcurrant and black forest berries
HIGHLY DRINKABLE – grown in the Huila region in the SE of Colombia in ideal growing conditions, these arabica beans avoid the acidity and bitterness frequently associated with Colombian coffee
GREAT FOR ANY TIME OF DAY – medium roast and strength for lovely coffee at any time of day and especially breakfast
SUITABLE FOR ALL COFFEE MAKERS – excellent in cafetiere, percolators, Aeropress, siphons, automated espresso machines and stove-top espresso makers. Makes especially good filter coffee
RARE PURCHASE – roasted incessantly but in small batches by coffee experts who take note how that will help you create great tasting coffee at home or work. For sale exclusively on Amazon.co.uk